Random Name Picker

Classtools.net has a neat tool for the classroom! Random Name Picker allows teachers to enter students’ names that get placed on a wheel. Spin the wheel to randomly select the student.

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Cool Classroom Timers

Do you need to display a timer for your class?  Look no further than OnlineStopwatch.Com!  I love the variety!

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Buzzfeed: 51 Of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature

Buzzfeed has written an article which includes “51 of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature.”  This would be a great activity to do in an English Language Arts class with students.  Great sentences could be collected over the whole year and posted.

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Bouncy Balls: A Sound Visualizer

Bouncy Balls is a free website that provides a really fun way to visualize music or monitor sound.  Teachers can open the website, choose the type of balls to display and the microphone on the computer will monitor sound which will make the balls bounce.

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The World as 100 People: Infographic by Jack Hagley

Jack Hagley, a London-Based designer, produced this thoughtful infographic on if the world consisted of 100 people. This would be a great conversation starter in Social Studies or a World Issues Class.


Hour of Code: Lots of ways to learn to code!

Code.org is a great place to begin learning how to code!  You can create a winter wonderland with Elsa and Anna or guide the Angry Birds through a maze!  Check it out!

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Great Blogging Tips from “The Daring Librarian”

There are great tips for blogging from “The Daring Librarian” post from December 7, 2014.  Check it out before blogging with your class.

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Shadow Puppet: Digital Story Creator

Shadow Puppet is a free iPad App that allows you to combine photos, videos, your voice, and a song to create videos to tell a story or explain an idea. You can draw on the screen and other cool things! What a great way for students to create!tumblr_inline_n7fwyxCU5N1s6k7nd

CheckiO: An amazing online game to teach students to code in Python

CheckiO is a free online game that allows people to learn Python by working through levels and unlocking different worlds!

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An Infographic on Making Better Infographics

MakeUseOf has created a neat infographic on making better infographics.  This would be a great resource for teachers to help students how to create their own meaningful infographics.

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