Tales Of Things: Add Social Memory to “Things”

Tales of Things is a platform to add social memory the Internet of Things. Students can add stories to their own treasured objects and to connect to other people who share similar experiences. Future generations will have a greater understanding of the object’s past and offers a new way of preserving social history.



AR Flashcards- The Alphabet come to Life!

AR Flashcards is an app that changes flashcards into 4D. Scan a flashcard and the animal jumps off the page. Click on the animal and hear a child voice saying the letter and the name of the animal. What a great way to learn the alphabet and animal names.


Kahoot – Response System that’s a Hoot!

Kahoot is a response platform that is fun, quick, easy and responders can use any platform. It is great for K-12 and adults. The account is free! This is a must have in your teacher toolkit!


Post It Plus App – A Must Have!

Post It Plus is a free App that allows you to make paper sticky notes into a digital document. You can edit them, move them around and categorize them. Name the boards. Send as PDF or share with someone who has the app. They can edit! Say goodbye to sticky notes falling off the wall or paper! This is awesome!


Random Name Picker

Classtools.net has a neat tool for the classroom! Random Name Picker allows teachers to enter students’ names that get placed on a wheel. Spin the wheel to randomly select the student.

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Cool Classroom Timers

Do you need to display a timer for your class?  Look no further than OnlineStopwatch.Com!  I love the variety!

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Buzzfeed: 51 Of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature

Buzzfeed has written an article which includes “51 of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature.”  This would be a great activity to do in an English Language Arts class with students.  Great sentences could be collected over the whole year and posted.

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Adobe Voice: A Must Have App for Educators

Voice allows you to create animated videos in minutes. Choose from images to show your ideas and Voice automatically adds motion and a soundtrack. Tell a story or explain something in just minutes.


French Word Wizard App – Mais, oui!

French Word Wizard is a unique app that plays sounds of french letters and words. It has advanced text to speech capabilities, and can pronounce and spell-check. 

The app includes spelling practice with more than 1,400 questions and answers or you can create your own own spelling test.


Collins Books: Free Books to help readers

Collins Big Cat is a guided reading program filled with real books to engage and excite your readers! Students can create stories in an interactive way. The books are free on iTunes and the program for using them is available on-line at Collins Books.


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